Microsoft Office versus Libre Office 6

The sixth version of LibreOffice was launched in January. This latest version consisted of some massive changes and additional features. This open-source product is a popular alternative for Microsoft Office.  Although, it is not very just to compare a free product to a paid one, however in truth, LibreOffice has been in competition with Microsoft Office for a long time. Therefore you should consider this option before doling out money in buying the expensive Office product. Read the comparison between LibreOffice and Microsoft Office below:

Improved File Compatibility

File compatibility is a chief concern while using an office suite which is not of Microsoft. Therefore, it is incredible that the sixth version of LibreOffice has enhanced the support of the suite for many Microsoft Office file formats such as Doc, Dox, and Pptx files.

Earlier, the carefully created documents may have undergone and suffered from weird formatting when they were shared between Microsoft Office applications and LibreOffice. With LibreOffice 6, hopefully, this has changed. A few documents which have faced formatting issues in the past were tested, and it was found that the original formatting remains as it is in LibreOffice 6.

More navigations tools

LibreOffice Writer has a convenient tool for navigation in its sidebar. The latest version has improved this tool. There is a new pull-down menu in the Find toolbar. One has to first enable it, in order to use it. However, the latest version of MS Word has a Navigation sidebar too. This sidebar comes from the left-hand side when the user clicks on the find tab in the toolbar. It is easy to navigate between headings and pages in the document.

New Image tools

In LibreOffice 6, there is a new tool which lets the users rotate the image to any possible angle. They can do so from within their documents in the LibreOffice Writer. However, it is not very easy to use it. The image preview does not show in real time, so the user is not able to see how the changes they have made look until they click the OK button. On the other hand, Microsoft Word works remarkably well with images. One can insert an image in the word document. To rotate the image, the user just has to drag the curved arrow and turn it to the angle of their choice. The text wrapping around the image is perfect.

Advanced Toolbars

The latest versions of MS Office use the ribbon toolbar. The customization allowed is limited. One of the changes that the users can make is that they can add shortcuts to the Quick Access Toolbar located at the top left-hand side corner of the ribbon. LibreOffice does not have anything which is precisely similar to the Microsoft Office’s Quick Access Toolbar. The default toolbars of LibreOffice are more like the earlier ones used by Office.

While LibreOffice and Microsoft Office both are fantastic choices, it is still better to invest in Microsoft Office if the budget does not restrict you. If you want a robust and reliable Office suite, go for the legendary Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office is the kind of the productivity software market. Even though it is commercial, it is still the most popular productivity suite. Office 365 is the latest version of MS Office, and it is exceptionally safe, secure, and reliable. If you have a business, then you should get Office 365 for your company.

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