Best Games Confirmed for The Apple Arcade Services



With the recent event organized by Apple, a vast range of new services was unveiled for Apple product users. But amongst all the upcoming services announced,  Apple users seemed to be enticed towards the Apple Arcade services.

Apple Arcade is a new Subscription based service which allows users to access any available game in the Arcade Store for the monthly prize of $10. The subscribers of Apple Arcade services will be able to access and download all the games in the store on their macOS, Apple TV and iOS devices.  Moreover users can even play these game offline once downloaded.

It is essential to not misunderstand these services with the other gaming services like Google Stadia as it is more resemblance towards the Xbox Game Pass services.  Apple’s new Arcade services are going to be accessible on all the Apple platforms and users can access multiple devices with a single Apple Account.

Moreover, many game developers have already partnered with Apple and are set to introduce exclusive titles for Apple Arcade subscribers. Various well-known gaming studios like Devolver D Digital, Konami, Platinum Games, Sega, and Annapurna have developed some exclusive titles for Apple Arcade Services.

In addition, the well known Hironobu Sakaguchi has revealed their upcoming game Fantasian which would be based on their prominent title Final Fantasy. Still, there are few games which would not be exclusively available on Apple as some of the gaming studios also feature their titles on other platforms.

Subscribers of Apple Arcade would be able to access about 100 different titles as promised during the announcement event, but you can refer to some of the selected titles which would be best to experiences in the Apple Arcade.

The Pathless

Prepare to explore the fast dense forest cover with a massive landscape to explore as Annapurna Interactive has confirmed the development of The Pathless for Apple Arcade services. Players would be able to have a complete action-packed adventure in the vast forest cover with plenty of content to interact with.

Team Sonic Racing

Well, Sonic has a special place in every generation gamer, and Apple has indeed shown some love to the Sonic and his friends in their upcoming Arcade Services.  This title would be dedicated towards pro racing in which players can choose any character from the multiple options available.

All the characters are from the original Sonic series, and in this title, players can even choose different vehicles and race tracks to have a thrilling experience. So this title is a must play option and every Apple Arcade Subscriber should look forward to playing this game.


From the developers of the Final Fantasy series, Hironobu Sakaguchi, a brand new title is developed exclusively for Apple Arcade users.  Fantasian is an addition to the Final Fantasy series and takes a lot of inspiration from its rich heritage. Still, Apple Arcade players will be able to play this title in Photographing 3D Dioramas which would enable them to become the part of the game itself.

This game would be very fun to play as the legendary Sakaguchi himself announced that even they don’t have any idea of how many sets will they have to develop for the end of the upcoming title. It is clear that players will be able to enjoy ultra high-end gaming experience while playing this title.

Beyond A Steel Sky

A continuation to the Beneath a Steel Sky series a brand new title Beyond a Steel Sky is underway in its development phase which would also be the part of the upcoming games in Arcade Service.

As the predecessor of Beyond a Steel Sky was launched in late 1994, it had the retro 2D point and click mechanics, but the latest incarnation of Beneath a Steel Sky a brand new 3D graphics have been included to the title.

Moreover, it has been confirmed that the main protagonist of the Beneath a Steel Sky would also be featured in the upcoming new beyond a Steel Sky title. The main storyline for this upcoming title would be based on the benefits and cons of living in a society controlled by an Artificial Intelligence.

Hot Lava

Well, the phrase “Floor is Lava” is known by most individuals and based on that exact concept Klei Entertainment has developed a brand new title with literally turning the entire floor with lava. Players will be able to only stand on various items, and obstacles spread all across the place.

Apple Arcade subscribers can look forward to playing this title when Apple launches the services and enjoy this title which is hit amongst the PC gamers on Steam.


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