Pokemon GO: Giratina Origin Will Include Shadow Ball Move

pokemon go.jpg

Pokemon GO players have been very excited with the ongoing Raid Battles and Community Day events, but some of the Pokey trainers are not so pleased with the recently introduced Giratina Legendary Pokemon.

Many gamers have been suggesting that players have been unsure of how exactly to put in use of Giratina pocket monster as there is no such move set which could be used as a game changer in the battlefield.

But this is about to change as the developers at Niantic have reacted to the feedback given by fans and community members of Pokemon GO and have decided to boost the Origin Forme of Giratina.

With the increase in the backlash for the newly added Giratina Pokemon, Niantic has finally overseen the issue and is planning to resolve this situation by providing an additional boost in the Giratina moveset. Moreover, this Pokemon will be able to use a deadly Shadow Ball move which can K.O any opponent.

Shadow Ball is amongst the most overpowered moves available in the entire Pokemon gaming series which has a potential to devastate the enemy Pokemon completely. Surely this unique moveset will be very useful in countering Raid Battles and Pokemon beyond generation 4.

It is believed that some of the changes in the moves for legendary Giratina will include Shadow Ball instead of The Ancient Power and Dragon Tail move would replace the Dragon Breath. Moreover, it is speculated that Giratina Pokemon would also be included in the PvP and Pokemon GO PvE mode.

It is very exciting to see how Niantic has immediately responded to the community feedback and are dedicated toward resolving the issues faced by the Pokemon trainers.

It is not farfetched that many reviewers would consider this to be a wrong step forward as the entire balance in the game would be offset. Still, the developers at Niantic would come up with some alternate moveset and tactics to counter the Shadow Ball move which is considered very overpowered.

More details will only be out until the officials make some official statement at Niantic but, surely players will now be able to enjoy the new Legendary type Pokemon in a much more efficient manner.

Trainers have been quite disappointed with the ongoing inclusion of new Giratina Pokemon, but with such hints and speculations, players are quite thrilled and eager to experience the Giratina 2.0 version.

Let’s see how this new tweak impacts on the complete gameplay for the Pokemon title and how the team of developers counter this issue. Hopefully, this new update enhances the gaming experience of all the gamers and fans of Pokemon GO.

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