Fortnite: Boom Bow Weapon Introduced

boom wow.jpg

Epic Games have introduced a number of new items for Fortnite fans to enjoy the new pirate theme in season 8 for the title. Gamers were able to experience a lot of new content which included a new Baller vehicle, Floor is Lava LTM and many challenges for this season.

But developers at Epic Games have an exclusive surprise for all the Fortnite fans with their new v8.20 update. With the latest patch for the season 8, players will now be able to use a new long-range weapon namely Boom Bow.

This new Boom Bow weapon is not an arrow shooting device and turns out to be somewhat misleading in a single glance. Boom Bow is a melee type weapon which appears to be a bow and arrow.

Apart from its looks, when a user hits the fire key, a bolt of the shotgun is released towards the target dealing massive damage. Moreover, players will be able to deal with 15 direct damage and 100 splashes damage which is quite hard to counter during close combat.

Fortnite fans are thrilled to experience the mechanics for this handheld archery weapon as a player can also charge up the Boom Bow before aiming at the target, and the charge up would continue until 1.6 seconds and deal lethal damage to the enemies and structures.

The new Boom Bow is not the only archery based weapon as in the past another such item namely crossbow was part of the title, but later on, it was vaulted. Still, developers at Epic Games brought back the Crossbow as a limited time item in 7.40 patch.

The Boom Bow is undoubtedly going to excite all those players who have been long waiting to experience an archer type weapon after the vaulting of Crossbow from the game. And with this new patch, gamers across the globe have started to speculate about this new weapon and its working mechanics.

Moreover, this new patch for the title is also going to reintroduce the Fortnite Limited Time Mode namely Sniper Shootout in which all the players have to use only the Sniper Rifle to eliminate others.

The inclusion of Sniper Shooter in the new patch for season 8 would also reduce the amount of available loot by 50% and disable the feature of reviving which would allow players to have a lot of fun while trying to survive.

Let’s see how this new update plays out for players and how well the gamers would come except this new weapon for the title. Hopefully, Fortnite fans enjoy new in-game interactions while playing and improve on their gaming experience.

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