How to Use Screen Pinning in Android Pie/Oreo/Nougat


Do you have a child who often deletes apps from your phone or accidentally texts random people? Well, you can avert this with the screen pinning feature. this feature makes it harder to switch to other apps from one app. Let’s learn how to set it up.

How to enable screen pinning on Android Pie

Before moving ahead with the app locking process, you must know that these methods will be applicable only with devices having Android Nougat and higher versions. If the Android version is upgradable in your device, upgrade with the latest available version and use the ideal app locking method. Here are the steps for enabling screen pinning in Android 9.0:

1.  Go to the Settings section on your phone and tap on the Security & location option.

2. Now, select the Advanced option.

3. You will see the Screen pinning option on the screen. Tap on it.

4. Toggle on the screen pinning option to allow the same in your device.

5. For enhanced security, you can enable the next option ‘Ask for PIN before unpinning’ as well.

6. Go to the Overview icon and tap on it, and then select the app that you desire to lock.

7. Choose the ‘Pin’ option by tapping, and then the ‘Got it’ option.

8. For unpinning the app, you will have to tap and hold the Back and Overview at the same time

9. Provide either your biometrics security option, numbered password, pin or pattern for unpinning the screen.

If you don’t know about the Android version running in your device, go the Settings in your phone and then About Phone, and then Software Information to check.

How to enable screen pinning on Android Oreo and Nougat

To lock apps with screen pinning in the device running older Android versions, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Lock Screen and Security option by opening the Settings app in your phone.

2. Now, tap on the Other security settings option, and then Pin windows.

3. Turn on the screen pinning option available on the screen.

4. Also, enable the ‘Ask for PIN before unpinning’ option next to it.

5. Tap the Overview section and launch the app that you desire to pin.

6. You will see the thumbtack option on the bottom right part of the screen, tap over there and then tap the OK button.

7. To unpin, again, touch and hold Back and Overview.

8. Type in your security password or unpin through any of the security options that you have set in your Android phone.

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