How To Use Pokemon GO Username In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

pokemon go


With the collaboration between Warner Bros and Harry Potter a new Harry Potter title is set to release later down the year 2019 and fans are really looking forward to this exclusive game dedicated to the complete Harry Potter fictional series.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is somewhat similar to the current hit mobile game Pokemon GO as the developers behind both the titles are from Niantic. Surely Pokemon GO has experienced a tremendous success due to the widespread acceptance of Pokemon characters and availability of new and unique challenges and events.

Recently Niantic started taking pre-registrations for Harry Potter: Wizard Unite for Android devices and with a new feature also got unveiled which would allow regular Pokemon GO players to uses similar username in the new Harry Potter game.

This new feature is valid until April 30th, and every Pokemon GO and Ingress Prime player can reserve their in-game user ID in the new Harry Potter: Wizards Unite title.

Setting your new user ID in Harry Potter Wizards Unite is quite easy, and players can simply do so by visiting the official Niantic website. At the official Niantic website, players will be provided with two options.

The first option would request for an Ingress Agent user ID and the second option would feature Pokemon GO Trainer nickname. Players can enter any of their user names from the previous two Niantic titles and then follow the directions to create their new Harry Potter: Wizards Unite account with their desired user ID name.

Still, the developer team at Niantic suggests that some players can face restrictions or failure in setting their new user ID especially in those cases where the user name overplays with any other Niantic game.

In the Wizard Unite title player will be assigned as a member of Statute of Secrecy Task Force, who have a significant responsibility to protect all the Foundables from the Confoundables and restore the items and people back to their location. The entire title revolves around protecting the mystical items from normal humans and return such unique items back to their required place.

Confoundables will try their best to act as a hindrance while gamers would try to protect the unique items from them. Moreover, players will also be able to cast different spells by drawing different symbols on the screen which would help them in stopping the brutal force of Cofoundables.

Let’s see how the new Harry Potter: Wizards Unite stand out amongst the other hit title developed by Niantic and how would the players accept this new title will be quite interesting to see.

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