How to Fix MacBook Fan Making Noise (5 best fixes)

There may be several reasons why your MacBook fan gets overheated, but running too many applications all over the time may be the biggest reason behind it. If the fan of your MacBook is making too much noise these days and it is frequently happening, then it’s high time you should start taking care of your MacBook. You have to recognize the reasons for the MacBook fan to overheating and then accordingly try to fix the problem. Once you identify the causes, then it will help you to solve the issues as it is crucial to take care of your MacBook fan if you want to extend the life of the MacBook fan and its performance. Here is the list of some tips which you can try to fix the issue of overheating MacBook fan:-

Checking Your Apps and Tabs Regularly

It would be best if you are careful regarding the continuous running of too many applications and apps on your MacBook as it often leads to overheating of the machine. If you will run too many apps continuously on your MacBook, then the MacBook fan has to exert more pressure to cool the apps and applications. It would help if you reduced multitasking by closing some of the apps when you have already used them. You have to be more cautious about using the apps, which are graphics intensive such as iMovie and Photoshop, as these apps contribute to the overheating of the fan. You can check apps taking up more resources of the Cpu by opening the active monitor. You have to tap on the CPU tab, and it will take you to the active monitor where you can check the apps.

Keep the Vents Clear

The vents provided on the side and back edge of MacBook Pro and the backside of MacBook Air helps draw cold air and expel hot air outside.  It ultimately helps in cooling the overall MacBook, which helps to stop the irritating loud noise coming out of your MacBook fan. It will help if you are also careful about blocking these vents as sometimes it happens that we rest the laptops on lap, cushions, pillows, and bed. It prevents the vents further, leading the situation to overheat it.

Open Your MacBook  and Clean it Properly

You should make a cleaning routine for your MacBook, and do it, and you only need a screwdriver that has Phillips’s head. You have to clean the dirt and dust which may have collected over the years in your MacBook and take proper care of the fans and vents while cleaning the dust. You can also use your can of compressed air to clean the dust and dirt by blowing it away. You can also wipe the dust and dirt with a clean cloth.

Testing the Fans

The cooling fans may be the main problem behind the overheating of the MacBook. In such a case, you have to check your MacBook fans by following some simple techniques as this will take only a few minutes but finally sort out the problem of overheating of the MacBook fan.

Resetting the SMC

The system management controller is useful in controlling the cooling fan or low-level functions of the MacBook and so if you are finding any problem regarding the MacBook fans, then you have to rest the system management controller

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