Google’s App for Improving Reading Skills in Kids is Now Available

Google has developed a new Android app called Read along to help the kids in improving their reading skills.  The company has announced that the latest app is available in almost 180 countries, which will be useful for teaching reading skills to school students at the elementary level. Google has used the technology of speech recognition and text to speech in the new app Read-Along. The speech recognition and text to speech technology will provide feedback to the kids when they work through the reading and gaming prompt of the app. The newly launched app will support nine languages, including Spanish, English, Hind Hindi, and Portuguese. Read along was launched in India as Bolo with a reading buddy called Diya built in the app. Meanwhile, in an announcement, while briefing about the newly launched app, the company has said the app would improve the reading skills of the children who are above five years of age. The company said that it had received encouraging feedback from the parents. The optimistic feedbacks led the company to share the app all along with the world for young learners.

Google Read Along App for Android

The ongoing health outbreak has forced several students in every country to pursue their studies from staying at home. The current scenario has compelled the parents to look for ways that help their kids to keep the study unharmed and grow their learning skills. The company will continue adding more features in the newly launched app while expanding the books for selection after getting the feedback from the families. While briefing about the functionality of the app, the company said it would include an in-app built buddy Diya which could be used by the children for building reading skills. Diya would give the students reinforcing and positive feedback whenever they will start studying or reading the passage. The students can also get help in pronouncing any word or sentence by tapping on Diya. Also, the newly launched app, Read along will help the young minds engaged with exciting and diverse stories collected from all everywhere. Also, the parents are allowed to create profiles if there are multiple readers by clicking on the photos of the users. This will help the parents to learn and track the learning progress of their children.

Moreover, the app has been developed by keeping the safety and privacy of the children in mind, and so it has no in-app purchases or ads. It also works offline if you have downloaded the app and stories initially. However, if you are willing to download some stories, then you will need to connect it to Wi-Fi. For the students and young learners, it is easy to start the app as it doesn’t require any login option. Amidst all, Google has also extended free access to some of the advanced features on Google Meet, which is its teleconferencing service till September 30. Google has made it G Suite and G Suite available for all education customers to host meetings through Meet. Also, Google has launched resource pages to help the families and teachers to educate students remotely.

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