McAfee Antivirus VPN Features: Are They Worth It In 2022?

McAfee Security antivirus is a US-based VPN service with iOS, Android, and Windows applications. The McAfee Antivirus VPN is fast, but it suffers from bad security, an invasive logging policy, and lacks customer support. McAfee antivirus for Windows and other devices is an easy-to-use VPN platform. It gives security to your identity online by encrypting data sent to and from the public networks or your home and hiding the actual IP address and location. This helps to prevent web hackers, trackers, the government, and your own ISP from having eyes on your internet activities.

McAfee Antivirus VPN also lets you access content from the different countries that would usually be blocked. If you have heard of one brand in the online digital security field, there is a very strong chance it is McAfee. The company is mostly known for its security antivirus software, but when we discovered that they had a VPN as well, we could not help but test it out.

Features Of McAfee Antivirus VPN

Whether you are a McAfee Antivirus VPN desktop user or are on the go on your mobile device. Given below the features that you can expect from the McAfee Antivirus VPN:


You can set many types of rules automatically moving on the McAfee Antivirus VPN under ‘Protection Preference.’ This feature includes automatically connecting on Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi and LAN only. Additionally, whenever your mobile or computer device connects in this way, the McAfee Antivirus VPN will jumpstart its security. Note, however, that you require to manually set this on, as it is not functional by default.

Safe reconnect

At the time of the McAfee Antivirus VPN review, I found the heavily criticized scarcity of kill switches. However, the function of this security antivirus has now been quietly implemented in the settings tab. It is called Safe Reconnect and starts working the same way, maintaining your location and data private until it automatically reconnects to a viable server.

The only problem is that it is not moved on automatically. You could easily get yourself exposing your actual IP and online internet requests without knowing it if you are not an experienced operator and unaware of the kill switch’s importance. So, install the McAfee Antivirus VPN app and press that slider right away.

Split tunneling

It is surprising that split tunneling is a feature that is only available on McAfee Antivirus VPN for Android. In the McAfee software, you can select the programs, sites, apps, or kind of traffic that is secured – an amazing feature for most McAfee Antivirus VPNs. Additionally, a few data go through the encrypted tunnel while a few do not. This feature is necessary when you are not concerned about privacy or do not need to deal with the speed gone down that all VPNs create.

Simultaneous connections on various devices

You can easily use the McAfee Antivirus VPN at the same time on mobile and desktop with a total of five devices of any supported type. Depending on your condition, that would suit a little family or a busy user with many old home and work devices. This features on a first-served basis, a first-come, so you will require to disconnect one app to run it on any other device if you have crossed the limit.

Advanced Features of McAfee Antivirus VPN

McAfee Antivirus VPN reviews agree that there is not much in the way of advanced features. That is a good thing for inexperienced operators, but it would be good to see split tunneling across the devices, much more control over the servers you connect to, and an option of protocols. The McAfee Antivirus VPN also has no double or multi-hop VPN settings, so it is not ideal for traveling or getting around the excellent firewall.

McAfee Antivirus VPN for Google Chrome

The McAfee Antivirus VPN extension for Google Chrome utilizes the only form of split tunneling you will find on Windows. This gives you the permission to move to the VPN when only using the web browser, leaving all other software vulnerable. Obviously, you just do not want to use this software to protect your device and need a simple & easy way to secure your device at the time of browsing the internet.

Location chooser

You can select the location of the McAfee Antivirus VPN that connects you. This is much more important if you need to bypass particular geo-blocks, that is, Netflix unblocking, or to have a better speed. As a rule, an operator’s location closer to home should be faster, but other elements such as the load from several users can affect speed as well.

TCP Override

TCP Override is an amazing feature only accessible on the Windows version. This turns from the general UDP connection way utilized by OpenVPN to any other supported method called TCP. While slower, it gives a much more suitable connection and should be your final resort if you maintain experiencing connection drops.


Is the McAfee Antivirus VPN safe in 2022?

The McAfee Safe Connect VPN is safe to utilize, thanks to its 256-bit AES encryption system. A 256-bit AES encryption system is the industry’s standard for VPN, which makes sure that your internet traffic and IP address are kept hidden from your ISP.

Can you be easily tracked on McAfee Antivirus VPN?

While suitable, you are connecting to public Wi-Fi connectivity can expose your essential data such as your banking account credentials, physical location, and credit card information to prying eyes. McAfee Antivirus VPN uses AES 256-bit encryption to maintain your web browsing information private – to give protection as much strong as safeguard banks.

Does McAfee Antivirus VPN slow down the internet speed?

It is normal to notice a small decrease in speed while using a McAfee Antivirus VPN. This decrease in speed is caused because your data travels through, furthermore, secure servers. There may also be various other causes why you experience speed reduction when using a McAfee Antivirus VPN product.

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