Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Remake Coming Soon

Prepare to be a part of a thrilling courtroom drama series which was initially launched as a GBA title during 2001 at Japan and as a Nintendo DS game in 2005. Although the Ace Attorney is a vintage title still, many gamers would appreciate the sheer weirdness of this refurbished title.

The Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is a situation based title which revolves around intense courtroom drama. This law and order based anime title feature a spiky-haired defense lawyer who presents some impressive moves and knowledge to the courtroom which would surely provide players with some hilarious moments in the game.

The Ace Attorney is quite outlandish and inane, sweet and amiable and interestingly enough this unreasonable-sounding courtroom drama works well, and indeed it is amongst the best games available in the crime genre.

Interestingly enough Capcom studios have confirmed that soon the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney trilogy would be available for all the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch users, so players would be able to enjoy the vintage courtroom drama title in ultra HD graphics as compared to its past pixelated iteration.

The new version of Ace Attorney would be inspired from the first three games in the hit Phoenix Wright series and players will be able to experience the exciting anime plotline in high ended graphics in comparison to the old and retro pixelated graphics.

Moreover, the said title is highly interactive and it would not be wrong to label the new Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney as a visual novel which provides players with an exclusive experience of communicating to a lot of different characters and reading some hilarious texts as the plotline for the new title is very well drafted.

In the Ace Attorney title, players will be able to pick a role of defense lawyer alongside a hamburger lover assistance who can consume the delicious bun at any given point in the entire game.

The game would also include some eve witnesses who would try to hide secrets and actual happenings at the crime scene so be prepared to deal with such cranky witnesses in the game.

In this, title gamers will have to also deal with the prosecutors who will try to present some acceptable pieces of evidence which could completely destroy your lawyer career. So make sure to present valid proofs to escape the brutal cross-questioning at the end of the prosecutor.

One of the in-game prosecutors also carries a whip to the courtroom alongside with his partner who enjoys chugging on to his coffee mug after every two minutes interval which would surely provide some comical moments in your gameplay.

The Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney title will surely impress all those players who are looking forward to solving some new criminal stories in a comically relieving scenario and experience some exclusively dramatically courtroom proceedings and resolve to some quick decision making by choosing the appropriate options.

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Disney+: Disney Unveils Its New Streaming Services

Disney is set to launch its new streaming services namely Disney+ which would feature exclusive content for its subscribers and create a platform for every individual to watch any of their favorite Disney originated movies.

The new Disney+ services were unveiled during a recent Investor Day presentation, and its initial look denotes a lot of resembling aspects from the other streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

The Disney+ streaming service consists of a number of different options to choose from. The wide range of shows is enlisted from various different brands like Marvel, National Geographic, Pixar, Star Wars and many more.

Disney+ services would also feature various exclusive shows which would be only available on Disney streaming platform. Such show includes Falcon and Winter Soldier show from the Marvel Studios and latest Star Wars: Mandalorian shows created by Jon Favreau.

The subscribers of the Disney+ services would not only be able to watch various shows and movies on this new streaming services, but they can also download any of the shows and movies to watch them offline on the streaming app.

The exciting part about this upcoming Disney services is that it would be accessible from any platform imaginable. The Disney+ services could be subscribed from various platforms like PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Television, Mobile phone and Xbox One.

In the Investor Day presentation, a number of features were disclosed for the new upcoming Disney+ service which included an initial look and essential interaction with the UI.

Moreover, many experts reviewed the Disney+ interface and suggested that the new Disney services have taken some extensive motivation from the Netflix and have included some major user-friendly interfaces which reminds of the Netflix.

But most importantly we have to undermine the fact that this new Disney service would not include any third party videos or clips and instead stick to the content owned and developed by the Disney. So eager Avengers fans have a sweet chance of availing fresh new episodes featuring their favorite characters like Loki, Agent Coulson, Nick Fury, Scarlet Witch, Winter Soldier and many more.

Disney+ is amongst the most recent paid services provided by Disney. Amongst the previous services, Disney also includes a special package namely ESPN+. Moreover, the company also owns around 60% of share in Hulu which is also a paid service.

It is believed that a combination of these three services would also be availed for the users to let people allow the access of any desired services, but more details will only be known until November 12 when the services would be live for every person’s use. The subscription charges are currently set to $7 per month, but more detailed packs would also be available for the subscribers in the near future.


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Latest Games Revealed for April 2019



Finally, the month of April is upon us and gamers around the globe should be prepared to experience new and updated titles to explore different and unique in-game interactions.

This upcoming month players can be sure of a variety of new titles for all the available gaming consoles like PS4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Gamers across various platforms have a number of options available to choose from to explore new and exciting titles.

Titles like Mortal Kombat, Shovel Knight and Cuphead are confirmed to be released this April to know better about the upcoming titles for this week, and you can refer to the list below and avail the best titles that suit your gaming requirements.

Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain

A new and improved addition is set for the long bug slaying series with the latest Earth Defense Force. A new Iron Rain series is going to roll out on April 11th. Players who are looking for killing some giant incest have an excellent game to experience.

Latest Earth Defense Force title will require players to eliminate the giant insects who are trying to invade your mother earth, and in order to safeguard your planet, players will have to put on their mechs suit and head out for hunting all the invaders and finally eliminate their supreme boss.

 Shovel Knight: Showdown

The latest extension is going to be featured for the Treasure Trove, and this new addition is going to thrill all the RPG style gaming fans this April 9th.

The new Shovel Knight: Showdown will avail players with a new multiplayer mode which would allow them to race alongside other players to complete different stages or players can also duel with each other to win gems.

Moreover, if a gamer already has the Treasure Trove installed then, they can download the Shovel Knight for free, so it would be really awesome to grab on to this deal and enjoy the latest title.

Mortal Kombat 11

Well, Mortal Kombat 11 fans are quite eager to experience this new season for the long going series, and finally, this great hardcore action-packed title is going to be available from April 23rd.

The latest Mortal Kombat 11 will feature a number of old and new characters with an option of customization for all the characters, so be prepared to experience some of the deadly move sets included and fatal blows for this upcoming game.

Days Gone

Prepare to be a part of the zombie’s apocalyptic world in which players will play the role of Deacon St. John who is the protagonist of the title.

In this much-awaited title, players will be able to slay all the blood-sucking zombies from April 26th,  but one and only important point to keep in mind is not to get caught in a horde of zombies during the night period. Players will be able to explore the vast infected lands and collect necessary resources to survive in extremely hard conditions.


Nintendo Switch fans have an excellent chance to play the famous Cuphead title on their Switch devices from April 18th. This latest version of Cuphead would even allow switch players to play as a Mugman in Single player mode.

The other aspects of the game are as per usual and will require gamers to go through different stages all across the island and defeat various bosses in the game.

Above mentioned games are available on various different gaming consoles and devices, so players should look forward to experience these latest titles which are going to be unveiled during the month of April.

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Google Map Features Snake Game for April Fool Day

google map snake


Every year developers and programmers come up with unique tricks and pranks for April Fools Day and this year is no exception as many gamers observed a number of pranks conducted by different developers.

On April 1st, a number of pranks took place across different platforms to celebrate the April Fools Day spirit. Such jokes included unexpected pop-up of Ash Ketchum in Pokemon GO title, and Google is no behind then Niantic as Google also featured a new snake game to their Google Map services.

Previously Google partnered with well-known rapper-singer Snoop Dogg for the April Fools celebration and made an exclusive 3D picture duplication prank with YouTube.

Continuing such series of pranks, this time developers at Google Map have designed an exclusive Snake Game which features different vehicles like bus and trains in place of the Snake in famous cities and towns.

It is entirely exciting to observe that various cities across the globe have their separate unique vehicles in place of the snake. Prominently Cairo and Sydney had featured trains on the Google Map and on the other hand, cities in London highlighted the trademark Double Decker bus.

It was a delight for many to experience commuter train in Tokyo, but the most exciting inclusion was the Iconic Trolleys at the streets of San Francisco.  Moreover, Google developers have also included famous world locations as a center for additional bonus points for players to enjoy the retro Snake game.

This April Fools day players can play the exclusive game developed by Google on Google map, and if suited gamers can even access the world map to witness various transit modules available and utilize them in place of a snake.

Although it is no Mortal Kombat or Mario Kart title for players to experience this April Fools Day, still inevitably Google has introduced an entertaining snakes game for gamers to enjoy while accessing the Google Map.

Inevitably many other developers have also come up with different pranks and tricks to entertain people on April Fools as last year even many such jokes were pulled off by various studios.

Previously many great plans have been conducted like the merger of Pokemon Eevee with Tekken 7 or the CD Projekt Red revealing their latest Designer of Game Environments to the masses.

Apart from the April Fools day, Google has been promoting new Google Stadia Streaming Service for gamers. Although not much is unveiled for these services but surely by featuring the classic Snake game Google is fooling every individual out there who used their Google map services during the 1st of April.

Reddit posts have showcased a number of different regions on Google Map with varying icons of transit flashing on the top, and users were even able to move such vehicles around the world map and play the snake game with only one difference that the background of the game was set as the world map.

According to many, Google comes out with ideas out of the box and tend to support all types of festivals and brings interactive ways to communicate with its audience and celebrate alongside with their users and in the similar fashion, they celebrated the April Fools day in their unique style.

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Google fined $5 Billion by the EU for Infringement of Android Antitrust Violations

Recently, Google has been strike with a record-breaking €4.3 billion which is approximately $5 billion, fined by the EU regulators for infringement of antitrust violations. The European Commission said that Google had mistreated its Android market supremacy in three key areas. Now the Google has been bundling its Chrome apps and Search Engine into the operating system. And Google has also blocked phone manufactures from creating more devices that already run forked versions of the Android, and it also made payments to certain large phone makers and mobile network operators to entirely bundle the Google search application on handsets.

Now the European Commission wants Google to get its prohibited conduct to an end in an effectual manner within the 90 days of the decision. It simply means that Google will need to stop forcing the manufacturers to preinstall Google and Chrome search to provide the Google Play Store on the handsets. It will also need to stop the preventing phone manufacturers by using the forked versions of Android; the commission said to the Google that they did not provide any credible evidence by which the Android forks would be exaggerated by the technical failures or fail to support applications. However, the Google’s unlawful payments for application bundling finished in the year 2014 after EU started to look into the problems

Now Google said that it would appeal the decision. A Google spokesperson in a statement said that they created more choice for the users not less. An exciting ecosystem, rapid innovation, at very lower prices are the standard hallmarks of the robust competition. And they will now appeal on the decision of the Commission. The Google is also warning that the EU’s decision might influence the free business model of Android in the future.

Moreover, the EU has been inspecting Android further strongly over the past few years, when the competitors complained that Google has been abusing its market supremacy in software which runs on the smartphones. Originally, the FairSearch filed a complaint against the Google in the year 2013, and the group has included competitors like Microsoft, Nokia, and Oracle. The former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was also called Google a monopoly. Microsoft and Google ended the Android patent disagreements that have not even stopped the EU from investigating the original allegations.

However, the $5 billion fine dwarfs Google’s earlier $2.7 billion record-breaking fine from the EU last year over influenced search results. Still, Google is pleasing that scrupulous judgment in a back-and-forth which is expected to last years.  Intel, Facebook, and Microsoft all are facing significant anti-competition fines from the European Commission. And the Microsoft was prominently fined twice by the EU when the software developer failed to include a browser ballot in the Windows 7 update. And Apple was also ordered to pay back $15.4 billion in taxes to the European Union.

Though the Android has been considered as the open-source software, but Google has been slowly adding the key components into its Google Play Services software also in its associated agreements. The anti-fragmentation agreements are available for keeping the manufacturers on the Google’s version of Android which most Android handsets now ship with the Google’s software and also services bundled on them.

But now the EU has ordered Google to stay to its judgment within the 90 days and also unbundle Chrome and search from its Android providing. With Google appealing the decision, then the lawful process is probably to run for many years ahead. While many had expected from the Google to face its own Microsoft moment and the EU doesn’t appear to be forcing any strong future which is an oversight on the Android or asking Google to transform its software for including a ballot for substitute browsers or search engines.

And the decision appears to be more about preventing Google from bundling its services to the Android, which forced the company to change Android considerably. Still, the phone makers will be free to bundle Chrome and Google search application only if they wish, but they even won’t be forced to do so, and they will also free to provide the devices with forked versions of the Android.

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