How to Replace the Windows 10 Default Browser

You must know that Microsoft provides a whole new web browser to the Windows users while launching Windows 10. The name of that browser is Microsoft Edge. It is considered as a fast and lightweight browser, but you can change it if you want. The method of changing the Windows 10 default browser is given below for you.

window 10

Through using the Settings app

1. Go to the Start section and choose the ‘gear’ icon from the there.

2. You will visit the Settings app on your Windows 10 device.

3. Choose Apps option now.

4. Then, move ahead with the process by selecting the Default apps option.

5. Keep scrolling down till you see the Web browser option.

6. Click on the default browser that is featured there.

7. Choose the desired new browser from the list of options on your screen.

Through Microsoft Edge

1. Go to the top right section of your Microsoft Edge browser and click on the icon that has three dots.

2. From the available options, choose Settings.

3. Now, click on the Change my default option right below Default browser in the General panel.

4. You will go to the Settings app. Click on Web browser option shown over there.

5. Then, choose the ideal browser that you wish to use accordingly.

Through Google Chrome

1. Find the three-dot icon in the Google Chrome browser and click on it.

2. Next, select Settings from the drop-down menu on the screen. You can even type in chrome://settings in the URL bar to go directly to the settings section.

3. Point the mouse below to see the Default browser option.

4. You will see the Make Default button next to it, click on the same button.

5. In the Settings app, the Web browser option will be there for you. Click on the available option to change the browser.

6. Various web browsers will be displayed to you, select the ideal one for you.

Through Mozilla Firefox

1. Go to the top right side in the Mozilla Firefox browser and click on the icon with three horizontal lines.

2. Next, choose Options from the available menu. You can go directly to the dedicated page by entering “about:preferences” in the address bar.

3. You will see General Page on the screen and the Make default option in the middle. Click on it.

4. From the Settings app, click on the browser available under the Web browser section.

5. Click on any new browser to make the default browser of your Windows 10 PC.

Through Opera

1. Launch the Opera web browser and go to the left section. You will see the red-colored Opera logo, click on that logo.

2. Under the Developer option, in the displayed drop-down menu, there will be the Settings option. Click over there.

3. Now, go the Default browser option and hit the Make default button.

4. In the Settings app, find the Web browser option and click on the browser displayed.

5. There will be various browsers in the pop-up window, choose the best one according to you.

Through Vivaldi

1. Open the Vivaldi browser and visit the top left section of the browser to click on the Vivaldi logo.

2. Select Tools option from the shown menu and then Settings.

3. Find the Set as Default option over there in the Vivaldi Settings General display window.

4. Go to the Web browser section available in the Settings app.

5. Hit the current chosen browser to select a new one from the list.

In this way, you can easily replace the default browser in your Windows 10 computer!

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Kellie minton is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.


How to Get New Smileys on Kik Messenger

Smileys are an excellent way to express the emotions that can’t be expressed through normal text. These smileys can turn your extremely boring chat into an exciting one. If you’re already using these smileys in your conversations, then you know this very well. But with time everything becomes uninteresting. If you’re also bored with the old smileys, get the new smileys collection. Kik allows and offers new smileys for the Kik messenger. User can add new smileys from Smiley Shop. Here is how to get new smileys on Kik messenger.


How to add new smileys from Smiley Shop in Kik Messenger

Kik points are required to get the new smileys from the Kik Shop. You can easily earn these points from your Kik app by playing games, signing up for services, answering questions, and more. Once you collect enough point, redeem your points in Smiley Store and get the smileys in exchange. To earn points, start a conversation with ‘Kikpoints’ (chatbot) and make sure to check the offers daily.

To get new smileys with your Kik points:

1.    Open the ‘Kik Messenger’ app.

2.    Open a conversation.

3.    Then, tap the ‘Smiley’ tab at the bottom. You’ll see the already installed smiley on your screen.

4.    Tap on the [+] button at the bottom or ‘World’ icon at the top in the Kik’s main menu.

5.    Thek tap on ‘SMILEY SHOP.’ This will open the smiley collection screen where you’ll see a list of smileys.

6.    Scroll through the smiley collection list to view more collections.

7.    When you find a smileys, you’re interested in, tap on it to view its smileys.

8.    Select a smiley you want to get. You’ll see a pop-up displaying the points required to purchase it.

9.    Tap ‘Get for [Points]’ to download the collection. Make sure you’ve sufficient Kik points to download the smileys.

10.    Tap the ‘Confirm’ button to add to your Kik messenger.

The Smiley collection will be added to your Kik app, and now you can use your new smileys in your conversations as you send the older ones. If you don’t have enough points, then instead of confirmation button you’ll see ‘Earn Kik Points’ button, click on it to earn more points.


After downloading if you’re not finding your new smileys collection, try these steps.

1.    Open the ‘Kik Messenger’ app.

2.    Open a conversation.

3.    Then, tap the ‘Smiley’ tab at the bottom. You’ll see the already installed smiley on your screen.

4.    Tap on the [+] button at the bottom.

5.    Find your new smiley collection in the locker and select it.

How to gift a smiley collection to a friend

On Kik messenger, you can share (gift) your purchased smileys collection with your friends or any other users. Moreover, the user you gifted the smileys can use them for free. If you want to gift your smiley collection to someone, follow these steps.

1.    Open the ‘Kik Messenger’ app.

2.    On the main screen, tap on the ‘World’ icon.

3.    Tap the ‘Lock’ icon at the top-right corner. This opens your Kik inventory. The smileys collections you download from Smiley Shop will get store in the locker.

4.    Select the smiley you want to share.

5.    Now, enter the ‘Name or Username’ of the person whom you want to gift. You can also select the user from the ‘Chatting With’ list.

6.    Type a message to add it with your gift.

7.    Then hit the ‘Send’ text.

Smiley will be sent to the receiver, now it depends on the person either he/she accept it or not. You can cancel the unaccepted gift from the locker. Open your Kik locker > tap ‘Gifts in Flight’ at the bottom > tap the ‘X’ button of the gift you want to cancel > select ‘Cancel Gift’ to confirm.

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Fortnite: New Tactical Assault Rifle Proves To Be OP!

Epic Games have finally unveiled the season 9 for Fortnite fans to explore some new possibilities to the title, and with the new season, a slew of exciting cosmetics, items and useable content is being revealed by the developers on a daily basis.


The latest patch v9.10 has introduced a number of exciting items to the Fortnite title, but amongst all the new items the new Tactical Assault Rifle is interesting each and every fan. Although the Tactical Assault Rifle was previously leaked from various sources, still it is now confirmed to be included to the title with the season 9 update.

The Tactical Assault Rifle consists of 30 rounds in a magazine and can be found in various chest, floor loot, supply drops, and vending machines. The Tactical Assault Rifle comes in Legendary, Epic and Rare and deals 24, 23, 22 damage respectively. In addition, this newly added weapon also includes a headshot multiplier of 1.75.

To include the Tactical Assault Rifle developers at Epic Games have vaulted the Combat SMG which was a reliable weapon of choice for many. Still, the new Tactical Assault Rifle proves to be a valid compensation for the vaulted SMG as the latest weapon allows players to shoot multiple gunshots at a single go creating a delightful spray of bullets towards the enemy.


In addition to the introduction of new Tactical Assault Rifle, the new v9.1 patch has also nerfed a number of useable items in the game which include a health reduction for the Baller vehicle to 150 from 200.

As per the developers at Epic Games, various vehicles in the game provide excessive protection to players in the match, which proves to be an unfair advantage. So the nerf in the health of Baller is made to equalize the playing field for all the Fortnite players and avail a fair opportunity to win amongst the 99 other players.

The latest patch 9.10 has also made some substantial changes in the newly introduced Drum Gun as with the latest update made some minor reduction in the damage dealt by the gun from 27, 26 to 22, 23. As the Drum Gun was previously vaulted and then recently it has been reintroduced which made it quite reasonable to have some minor tweaks for the weapon to balance out the various interactions in the game.

Let’s see how the new season 9 plays out as the entire Fortnite map has been turned into a futuristic world with massive buildings and unique structures to explore. Hopefully, the developers at Epic Games are underway with some exciting new content for players as the new season has already engaged players with weekly challenges to gain Battle Stars and improve in-game Battle Pass level.

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How to Share Your Internet Connection

How to Disable a Wireless Router Firewall

Kellie minton is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.

How to Share Your Internet Connection

share your internet connection.png

The process of sharing your internet connection is very easy. You can pair your Windows PC to the internet connection and start sharing an internet connection with another system in the local area network. You can also share multiple internet connections to multiple systems by using Windows sharing function. Here’s how to share your internet connection.

How to Share an Internet Connection in Windows PC?

•    Configure home networking devices. If you wish to share an internet connection by using Home network, then you will be needed a different layout instead of a wireless network standard. Here are the basic layouts mentioned below:

1.    Pair the system which is sharing the internet connection to the wireless broadband modem through Ethernet or mobile hotspot by using Universal Serial Bus.

2.    In case you are pairing the wireless broadband modem to the network host through Ethernet, and you should have two Ethernet sockets.

•    Go to the Network and internet menu given on the system. You can launch this menu by clicking on the Windows and R keys together and entering  {{kbd|ncpa.cpl.

•    You have to right-click on the electrical adapters which are paired to the Wi-Fi network. It will bet the wireless broadband modem or Universal Serial Bus hotspot. Ensure that you are working on the electrical adapter which is paired to the internet connection.

•    Choose the Properties option and after that, tap on the Sharing button.

•    Go through the “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection” checkbox.

•    Press on the Apple button to save the changes you had made.

•    Tap on the Settings option to turn on the particular services. It is essential in case other systems want to access FTP, email, and other particular services.

•    Go through the checkbox for the particular service you wish to turn on.

•    Go to the wireless router configuration webpage. After the host system is completed its setting up process, you have to configure your home router to permit for creating a pass-through connection.

•    You do not have to work on the alternate configuration.

•    Go to the Internet Settings webpage given on the wireless broadband router.

•    Make sure that the “IP Address” column gets to change into “Get Automatically” column.

•    You need to pair the other systems to the wireless broadband router.

•    In case you are paring through Ethernet, then pair other systems to the LAN sockets on the wireless broadband router.

•    In case you are paring the router wirelessly, then you need to pair to the wireless broadband router.

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Kellie minton is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at, and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.

How to Add Subtitle File to a Video

add subtitle to video.png


Do you want to add subtitles to a video that you have created or downloaded? With subtitles, it becomes easier to understand the content of the video. If you want to add your captions to a video, then first you’ve to create a subtitle file in the .srt, .ssa or other suitable formats. Once the file is created, you can add it to the video with various video editing programs. Here are some ways to add subtitle file to a video.

How to add subtitle file with VLC Player

VLC Player is a common media player and can be run on both Windows and Mac computer. The VLC media player is also free to download and easy to use.  Follow the steps to add subtitle to your video with VLC.

•    Make sure both video and subtitle file are in the same folder in your computer and have the same name. If they are not, just copy (Ctrl/Command + C) and paste (Ctrl/Command + V) them in the same folder.


1.    Locate to the video location you want to add the subtitles.

2.    Right click on the video and open in VLC media player.

•    In windows: Right-click on the video > Go to ‘Open with’ > select ‘VLC media player’ from the options.

•    In Mac: Right-click on the video > Go to ‘File’ > click ‘Open With’ > select ‘VLC media player’ from the options.

3.    When the video opens in the player, click ‘Subtitle’ tab at the top.

4.    Go to ‘Sub Track’ in the dropdown menu.

5.    Click ‘Track 1’. You will see your subtitles file if it is correct.

6.    If your subtitle doesn’t appear, use below steps to add manually.

•    In the same ‘Sub Track’ menu, click ‘Add Subtitle File…’

•    Select your video’s subtitle file.

•    And click ‘Open.’

Once you’ve successfully added subtitle file, subtitle you created will appear with the video.

How to add subtitle file with HandBrake

This is another app that can add subtitles for you to a video. Handbrake is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS, download the HandBrake app on your computer for free from “” After installing it on your PC, follow below steps to add subtitle file to your video.


1.    Open the ‘HandBrake” application.

2.    Click ‘File’ on the prompted Source Selection window. It will open File Explorer in Windows or Finder in Mac.

3.    If it doesn’t appear, click ‘Open Source’ at the top-left corner of the screen.

4.    Click ‘File’ in the pop-out menu.

5.    Browse the video location you want to add the subtitles.

6.    Click the video to select.

7.    Then click ‘Open.’

8.    Now, click the ‘Browse’ button at the center of the page.

9.    Enter a name in ‘File name:’ field.

10.    Select a location to save your subtitled video.

11.    Click ‘OK/Save.’

12.    Now, click the ‘Subtitles’ tab, just above the video screen.

13.    Click ‘Import SRT’ button.

•    In Windows: click the red ‘X’ next to the track to remove the default subtitle track.

•    In Mac: open ‘Tracks’ dropdown box, and select ‘Add External SRT…’ from the options.

14.    Browse and select your created subtitle file.

15.    Click ‘Open.’

16.    Now, click the box of ‘Burn In’ to play subtitles always with the video.

17.    Click ‘Start Encode’ button at the top.

HandBrake begins adding your subtitles to the video. After finishing of the encoding process, you can see your created subtitles in your video.

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Kellie minton is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at, and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.

How to Use Apple Pencil with Your iPad Pro


You can use Apple Pencil with your iPad Pro, but not with your iPhone. After connecting the Apple Pencil with the iPad, you can markup screenshots, draw, sign documents and also write notes from the lock screen. Here’s how to use Apple Pencil with your iPad Pro.

How to Connect Apple Pencil with iPad Pro?

•    Go to the Settings option. It resembles a gray logo having two gears inside it.

•    Press on the Bluetooth option. You will get this option into the fourth column given in the settings window. In case it starts indicating “On” near the Bluetooth option, then this means that the Bluetooth option is already turned on and you do not have to turn it on again.

•    Press on the white switch given diagonally from Bluetooth. In case the switch symbol turns into a green color, then this means Bluetooth is enabled. In case the switch turns into white color, then this means Bluetooth is disabled. Ensure that the Bluetooth is enabled.

•    You have to remove the cap of the Apple pencil. You will see the cap on the button of the Apple Pencil, and below it, you will get the lightning connector to pair the Apple Pencil into the iPad, and you can also charge your Apple pencil by pairing it into the lightning connector.

•    Connect the Apple Pencil into the USB charging dock. You have to pair the Apple Pencil into the same dock which you use to connect the iPad charger.

•    Press on Pair button. After getting the Bluetooth connecting option on the display,  press on the Pair button. It is an option which help you to connect the Apple Pencil with the iPad Pro. Once you have connected the Apple pencil, you can start using it in any supportable device.

How to Markup a Screenshot?

•    Click on the Home and Power button together. You will get the home button under the iPad’s display, and it resembles a round shape button. The power button is located on the upper right-hand side of the display.

•    You have to click both the buttons together so that you can capture a screenshot on your iPad.

•    The screenshot you have captured will start showing in the end left-hand side of the display.

•    Press the captured screenshot.

•    Choose a highlighter.

•    Choose a color.

•    Highlight the picture by using the Apple Pencil on the iPad.

•    Press on the Done button.

How to Write Notes from Lock Screen on iPad?

•    Click the Power button.

•    Press the display by using the Apple Pencil on iPad.

•    Now, you need to write notes from the lock screen.

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Kellie minton is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at, and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.

How to Prepare Your Phone for Travel


One cannot do without phones when traveling. Whether you are traveling to the suburbs or going on an international trip, you need your smartphone for navigation, schedules, booking reservations, etc. However, you need to make a few tweaks on your phone, before you embark on your journey. Here’s how to make your phone ready for travel.

  • Update the software

When you travel, your phone must be updated. By installing all the recent updates, you will not only get more features, but your phone will also become more secure.

iPhone users need to open Settings, tap on General and select Software Update. android users need to go to Settings, tap on System and select System Update.

  • Control Date and Time Settings

In case you are traveling through time zones, then it can wreak havoc with your smartphone and its apps. Ensure that, before you embark on your journey, the Date and Time settings are configured to Automatic. Or else, you need to change the settings to the new time zone manually.

iPhone users need to go to Settings, tap on General and select Date and Time. Android users need to go to the Settings app, tap on System and select Date and time.

  • Set up digital wallets

You will have to pay for cabs, lodging, food, etc. when you travel. Set up your smartphone to make these payments, and make traveling more convenient. Mobile wallets are very secure. If you have an iPhone, then go for Apple Pay. Just open the settings app and tap on Wallet and Apple Pay. You can then add your bank cards and set up Apple Pay Cash. Android owners can use Google Pay or Samsung Pay. Just download the app and set it up on your device.

  • Currency Conversions

In case you are traveling to another country, you may want to monitor your spending. Currencies differ from country to country. Thankfully, using your phone’s personal voice assistant, you can convert currencies easily and quickly. There are also several currency converter apps that you can download from the app store.

  • Add an Emergency Medical Card

Keeping an emergency medical card when traveling is an absolute necessity.  In case of a medical emergency, doctors can find out your personal medical details from your medical card. If you set up a digital medical card on your phone, then it can be accessed even when your phone is locked. Android users need to go to the Settings app and tap on Emergency. After that, select Emergency Information and tap on Add information to input all the details.

  • Use a Password Manager

When you are busy enjoying your vacation, you may not want to worry about having to remember all the different passwords. Well, just get a password management app and keep all your passwords stored in a secure and encrypted vault.

  • Protect the Data

When you are traveling abroad, make sure you have only the data that you need. You should not carry confidential data when traveling. Also, make sure that you are using encryption services.

  • Mobile Passport

Do you want to speed through the US customs? If the answer is yes, use the Mobile Passport app. this authorized app will work wonders if you have the US or Canadian passport.

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Kellie minton is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at, and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.

Top 7 Tools for Tracking Facebook Shares




You need to regularly check Facebook shares and relevant data to know which post of your page is doing well. Several tools are there to keep you updated with the same. You can quickly check important metrics using the ideal tools. If you don’t know about the perfect tools for Facebook, they are ideally described below. Check each one of them and see which one works best for you.

Enhance traffic and improve campaigns with these tools:

1. Google Analytics

You can easily track real-time Facebook traffic with the use of Google Analytics. It is a standard tool from Google and ideal for Facebook marketing. For activation of this tool, you need to go to Acquisition, then social, and then overview. The regular Facebook visits will be updated, and you check through it.

2. Keyhole

Keyhole is another excellent free tool that allows keywords and account tracking. It even lets you check the account information of your competitors. You can quickly check most shared and top posts with this tool.

3. PeakFeed

Boosting your Facebook presence with the PeakFeed is easy. It gives you reports of your Facebooks engagement throughout the week and comes as a decent tool. Your Facebook stats will be mailed to you every week with this tool.

4. Talkwalker

The Talkwalker is an easy to use tool that provides you results in the form of graphs. Everything, from top posts to comments to pictures and more, is shown in this useful tool. Get the essential Facebook insights of your Facebook posts with Talkwalker.

5. LikeAlyzer

If you take your Facebook profile seriously, the LikeAlyzer tool is a must-have for you. This tool keeps you updated with everything that you need to make the most out of Facebook. You can get to know about the ideal length of posts, the average number of posts you should create in a day, how long people were there on your posts, and the best time for posting as well.

6. Quintly

You can check the analytics of up to three pages with the free version of Quintly and unlimited pages with the paid version. This tool is perfect for small and large businesses. All the relevant statistics such as likes, comments, shares, and the growth of followers from time to time is showed in this tool. The graphical version data makes it easy to understand.

7. Klout

Get the ideal score of your profile with the Klout. It is an excellent tool that gives the score to your profile out of 100. If your profile gets zero, it means it is worst and needs improvement. If it reaches 100, it is the best. You will be suggested relevant content for improving your Facebook too.


Facebook is one of the best platforms to boost your reach and business. To know how your profile is performing on Facebook, you need to have the relevant tools. This blog suggests you the best Facebook tools to track shares and related data.

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How to Disable Web Notifications in Browsers


Same as your phone apps, your web browser can also send notifications. Some notifications are useful while some are frustrating. In that case, you can choose the website from which you want notifications in your device. You can block notifications from different browsers. Use the process given below.

Turning off Web Notifications in Google Chrome

The process to turn off web notifications is almost the same for Android, Windows, and Mac users. Here are the steps that you can follow for turning off web notifications in Google Chrome:

1. The first step is to launch the Google Chrome browser in the particular device that you are using to get started with the process.

2. Then, click or tap on the three vertical dots present at the top right section of your screen and choose Settings from there.

3. Now, visit the bottom section of the page and click on Advanced and then Content settings to disable notifications.

4. You will have to select the Notifications option and toggle it off to stop receiving web notifications further.

5. There is even an option to turn off notifications from a few particular websites as well.

6. You are destined to see the blocked websites on the ‘Block’ section and unblocked ones in the ‘Allow’ section.

7. Block, edit, or remove the existing websites clicking the three vertical dots with the websites’ name in the Allow section.

8. If you can’t figure out whether to keep or disable the website, it is better to remove from the list.

To get the notifications back, you can allow the website from the blocked list, if you blocked earlier. For removed websites, go to the removed website and subscribe to start receiving notifications again. Click on the padlock logo adjacent to the URL bar to manage notifications.

Turning off Web Notifications in Mozilla Firefox

You are likely to receive web notifications in your Firefox browser also. If you don’t know how to disable or remove them, here is the process:

1. Enter ‘about:preferences#privacy’ in the URL bar to go to the preferences section of Firefox browser in your Mac or PC.

2. Find the ‘Permissions’ option over there by scrolling down, then ‘Notifications,’ and click on the Setting button available on the right side.

3. You will see the list of the websites that give you notifications from time to time. To block any particular website from the list, change the Allow option into Block and don’t forget to click the Save Changes button present on the right corner.

4. If you use Firefox browser in the phone, it is necessary to visit the particular website that you want to block. You will have to tap on the padlock with the link and then manage notifications from ‘Edit Site Settings.’

5. After tapping the option, you will have the ‘Notifications’ option with a checkbox. Tap on the ‘Clear’ button present at the bottom section of the window to unsubscribe successfully.

Turning off Web Notifications in Microsoft Edge

In Microsoft Edge browser, click on the three dots present on the top right side to access the main menu. You will see the Over Edge section, find ‘Settings’ over there and then ‘View Advanced Settings’ to move further. Now, there will be a ‘Notifications’ option on the menu. Go to the ‘Website Permission’ section through it to control the websites. You can easily disable notifications from every website that you wish.

Turning off Web Notifications in Safari

The process is a bit different for Safari. You need to go to Safari Preferences and find the ‘Websites’ option on your mac for disabling notifications. Click on the same option and go to ‘Notifications’ to see the list of websites. The browser lets you select either ‘Allow’ or ‘Deny’ option. Once you select the ‘Deny’ option, you won’t see Safari notifications.

If you are wondering about disabling notifications in iPhone or iPad, you can’t do it as no website notifications are received in them!


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Karen Minton is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity. She writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. Her articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.

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