How To Use Pokemon GO Username In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

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With the collaboration between Warner Bros and Harry Potter a new Harry Potter title is set to release later down the year 2019 and fans are really looking forward to this exclusive game dedicated to the complete Harry Potter fictional series.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is somewhat similar to the current hit mobile game Pokemon GO as the developers behind both the titles are from Niantic. Surely Pokemon GO has experienced a tremendous success due to the widespread acceptance of Pokemon characters and availability of new and unique challenges and events.

Recently Niantic started taking pre-registrations for Harry Potter: Wizard Unite for Android devices and with a new feature also got unveiled which would allow regular Pokemon GO players to uses similar username in the new Harry Potter game.

This new feature is valid until April 30th, and every Pokemon GO and Ingress Prime player can reserve their in-game user ID in the new Harry Potter: Wizards Unite title.

Setting your new user ID in Harry Potter Wizards Unite is quite easy, and players can simply do so by visiting the official Niantic website. At the official Niantic website, players will be provided with two options.

The first option would request for an Ingress Agent user ID and the second option would feature Pokemon GO Trainer nickname. Players can enter any of their user names from the previous two Niantic titles and then follow the directions to create their new Harry Potter: Wizards Unite account with their desired user ID name.

Still, the developer team at Niantic suggests that some players can face restrictions or failure in setting their new user ID especially in those cases where the user name overplays with any other Niantic game.

In the Wizard Unite title player will be assigned as a member of Statute of Secrecy Task Force, who have a significant responsibility to protect all the Foundables from the Confoundables and restore the items and people back to their location. The entire title revolves around protecting the mystical items from normal humans and return such unique items back to their required place.

Confoundables will try their best to act as a hindrance while gamers would try to protect the unique items from them. Moreover, players will also be able to cast different spells by drawing different symbols on the screen which would help them in stopping the brutal force of Cofoundables.

Let’s see how the new Harry Potter: Wizards Unite stand out amongst the other hit title developed by Niantic and how would the players accept this new title will be quite interesting to see.

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Pokemon GO: Confirmed Bug Research Tasks, Events and Rewards

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Niantic has recently introduced a new Bug Event which allows Pokemon trainers to interact with a variety of different bug type Pokemon in the title. This Bug Event is currently live in the game and will be available for Pokemon trainers until the April 9th 1 PM PST.

Similar to previous events, the Bug Research event would feature its unique quests which trainers can accomplish in a limited time period only. As the name suggests, players will have to grab on to multiple bug type Pokemon in the latest Bug Research event.

This week players will be able to interact with the unique bug type Pokemon and spend some time in understanding these unusual creatures.

Bug-type Pokemon are very effective against water, grass and Poison-type Pokemon so grabbing on to some of the powerful Bug-type Pokemon would help in forming a reliable team against any such Pokemon and defeat pocket beasts in Raid Battles.

By completing the assigned Research task, players will be awarded with boosted spawn rate for the Bug Type Pokemon and allow players to catch loads of Bug Pokemon to help in completing the Pokedex.

Also one of the Bug event tasks rewards players with exclusive Stardust which could be used to evolve the Pokemon, so players should try and complete all the tasks in order to win awesome rewards.

Players are designated with five different set of quests to complete in order to win exciting goodies, so you can refer to the list below to better know about the tasks that are required to be completed before April 9th.

  • Grab on to 10 different Bug-type Pokemon to win Scyther.
  • Grab on to 15 different Bug-type Pokemon to win 1,500 Stardust.
  • Grab on to 5 different Spinarak to secure a Yanma.
  • Grab on to 2 Wurmple Pokemon to obtain Caterpie.
  • Evolve 3 different Bug Pokemon to win Nincada.

Amongst the Bug-type Pokemon, Nincada is considered to be a very hard hitting Pokemon who can deal immense damage to its enemies and prove to be a significant boost in the team as Bug-type Pokemon automatically learns moves like poison or razor leaves which can all together turn the tide in a match.

So make sure to complete the Bug Research event task and challenges to ensure a Nincada for yourself. Niantic has built an entirely new pattern of introducing fresh new content for its fans and developers of Pokemon GO makes sure to improve the in-game experience for all their users. Hopefully, trainers will efficiently complete the quests as mentioned above and win awesome rewards.

Karen Minton  is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security. She writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. Her articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.



Pokemon GO: New Shiny Pikachu available with Ash Ketchum’s Hat!

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Niantic has been on a streak of introducing new and exciting events for Pokemon GO fans to enjoy the title. Recently the special Lotad Day event has ended the developer team at Niantic is set to surprise Pokemon fans on this April Fools day.

This April Fools day, players will be able to grab on to an exclusive shiny Pikachu with the hat of Ash Ketchum. One of the most loved Pokemon amongst all the known series is Pikachu, and this April fools celebration will feature Pikachu with the hat of his trainer Ash Ketchum.

Instead of a regular boost in spawn rate or increased number of rare items, Niantic has made sure to entertain its fans with the most loved Pokemon with his trainer’s trademark red cap on his head.

Moreover recently it was also confirmed that Ash Ketchum would be Photobombing in Pokemon Go for the April Fools celebration, but it came to a thrilling surprise when various Pokemon GO enthusiast posted images on their Reddit posts of Shiny Pikachu with the Ash Ketchum’s hat on his head.

Players were previously only expecting the random spawn of Ash during the use of AR feature in the game, but as a pleasant surprise, the exclusive Shiny Pikachu also got some love and was added for players to include him to their team.

With the addition of Shiny Pikachu to the title, another shiny type is now available for fans to include in their Pokedex. It was initially announced that Ash Ketchum would be coming to the Pokemon GO title to make the trainers excited and motivate them to improve on their regular training to make their Pokemon strong enough to participate in much more challenging tournaments and events.

But Pokemon fans who are staying at time zones where 1st April appeared earlier to the other countries told that in addition to the Photobombing Ash Ketchum, his favorite pocket monster is also included to the title as a unique shiny creature who has fooled Ash Ketchum and stolen his favorite red hat.

Photographs and screenshots of Shiny Pikachu went viral across the globe in a few hours and trainers were excited to experience this cute little monster with an excellent looking cap on his head.

But spotting this unique shiny creature is no easy task, as this special April Fools event has a very minimal spawn rate for the Shiny Pikachu. Even if trainers successfully spot this cute little creature, it still is very challenging to grab on to him as he is very clever and makes a fool of the trainer by escaping very quickly.

If you are serious and really looking forward to grabbing on to this special red cap Pikachu, then before throwing any Pokeball at him through some candy toward him to entice the Pikachu and build some rational trust amongst each other.

But the Shiny Pikachu is a clever creature, and it is quite likely that he will ignore your offerings, so repeat the action of offering the Sweet Candy towards the Pikachu and observe him until he picks up the candy and start to eat.

Once the Shiny Pikachu is relaxed enough to pick up the candy and at, through your best available Pokeball toward the creature to capture him. If possible, offer the Candy at least two times to the Shiny Pikachu as the chance of escaping decreases drastically if the Pokemon accepts your offerings multiple times.

It is fascinating to observe such an awesome avatar for the Pikachu as Ash Ketchum, and Pikachu have some special connection between each other, and this red cap defiantly depicts that covalent bound of support and trust between the two.

So make sure to grab at least one of the special Shiny red cap Pikachu for yourself to ensure the completion of your Pokedex and enjoy the Pokemon GO title.

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Pokemon GO: Giratina Origin Will Include Shadow Ball Move

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Pokemon GO players have been very excited with the ongoing Raid Battles and Community Day events, but some of the Pokey trainers are not so pleased with the recently introduced Giratina Legendary Pokemon.

Many gamers have been suggesting that players have been unsure of how exactly to put in use of Giratina pocket monster as there is no such move set which could be used as a game changer in the battlefield.

But this is about to change as the developers at Niantic have reacted to the feedback given by fans and community members of Pokemon GO and have decided to boost the Origin Forme of Giratina.

With the increase in the backlash for the newly added Giratina Pokemon, Niantic has finally overseen the issue and is planning to resolve this situation by providing an additional boost in the Giratina moveset. Moreover, this Pokemon will be able to use a deadly Shadow Ball move which can K.O any opponent.

Shadow Ball is amongst the most overpowered moves available in the entire Pokemon gaming series which has a potential to devastate the enemy Pokemon completely. Surely this unique moveset will be very useful in countering Raid Battles and Pokemon beyond generation 4.

It is believed that some of the changes in the moves for legendary Giratina will include Shadow Ball instead of The Ancient Power and Dragon Tail move would replace the Dragon Breath. Moreover, it is speculated that Giratina Pokemon would also be included in the PvP and Pokemon GO PvE mode.

It is very exciting to see how Niantic has immediately responded to the community feedback and are dedicated toward resolving the issues faced by the Pokemon trainers.

It is not farfetched that many reviewers would consider this to be a wrong step forward as the entire balance in the game would be offset. Still, the developers at Niantic would come up with some alternate moveset and tactics to counter the Shadow Ball move which is considered very overpowered.

More details will only be out until the officials make some official statement at Niantic but, surely players will now be able to enjoy the new Legendary type Pokemon in a much more efficient manner.

Trainers have been quite disappointed with the ongoing inclusion of new Giratina Pokemon, but with such hints and speculations, players are quite thrilled and eager to experience the Giratina 2.0 version.

Let’s see how this new tweak impacts on the complete gameplay for the Pokemon title and how the team of developers counter this issue. Hopefully, this new update enhances the gaming experience of all the gamers and fans of Pokemon GO.

Karen Minton  is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security. She writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. Her articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.

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